There’s no denying it: The Jetman is friggin’ awesome

Yves Rossy is a Swiss inventor and daredevil.  He has designed a personal jet-powered wing that he’s used to fly over the Alps and across the Strait of Gibralter.  He’s fearless and brilliant.  But, what I want to know is: how does he manage to get off the ground with such gargantuan balls?


Dover 5.0some: Local Po-Po Gets Busted Lip-Synching To “Shake It Off”

A Dover, Delaware police office is caught by his dashboard camera lip-syncing to Taylor Swift’s undeniably catchy-as-hell Shake It Off and that shit goes viral. He knows all the words and even has the moves down, but should he be listening to music that loudly in his car?

I’m pretty sure the “F/A” in F/A-18 stands for “frigging awesome”

Get some!  The F/A-18 Hornet is one badass mofo of a plane, and this 9-minute video showcases it quite well.  With sweet action shots, fast cuts, and thumping EDM beat, it’s best enjoyed in full screen and cranked up loud.  Also, a humble and serious thank you to the men and women of our armed services for going into harm’s way for us.

Tortoise awesomely (and surprisingly quickly) rescues his toes-up friend

A visitor to the Taipei Zoo recorded this amazing scene: one tortoise helping another to get back on his (or her; who the eff can tell) feet.  Some Scroogian reptile experts say that the ostensible hero was really attacking the other one and that the flip was merely serendipitous.  I choose to believe that the help was intentional.

“Minecraft” may be meh, but being the guy who invented it must be awesome

The inventor of Minecraft, Markus Persson, just sold his company to Microsoft for $2.5 billion.  To celebrate, he went out and dropped $70 million on the most expensive house in Beverly Hills.  This 8-bedroom, 15-bath 23,000-square-foot dope-ass crib includes richguy things like $5,600 Toto Neorest toilets, a 54-foot motorized curved glass wall, the requisite infinity edge pool, and, just because he can, a chromed-out Browning M2 .50 machine gun (which actually might cross the line from awesome into douchebaggery).

Mother Nature puts on some awesome displays of her power

The Earth is awesome, and it does totally awesome stuff every day that we hardly even notice.  I suggest that you remove your socks before watching this 7-minute time lapse video of Mother Nature doin’ her thang; if you don’t, all this bad-ass storm footage will surely knock them clean off.

Carl Sagan will never *not* be awesome

He’s been dead nearly twenty years, but Carl Sagan is still the most awesomest guy around.

You’ve probably never heard of cymatics before, and that should make you sad: it’s frigging awesome

Truthfully, I’d never heard of cymatics before today (big up to Awesome Sauce for the 411), either, and now I’m all bummed at the thought of all the time I wasted over the years not watching these supa-dope videos.

“Planet of the Apes” awesomely real, humans screwed

Watch, puny humans, and gape in awe as Kanzi the bonobo builds himself a fricking fire and fricking roasts fricking marshmallows.  Ho.  Ly.  Fricking.  Crap.  Oh, yeah, he also talks, by the way.  Once he figures out how to use a gun, that’ll be the end of humanity.  Oh, well; we had a pretty good run.

Weird-Ass Painting Is Awesome, Totally Frags With Your Mind

I swear this is really a 2D painting and not an HDTV using some kind of eyeball-tracking lasers.  I can’t, however, swear that the painting isn’t possessed by demons.

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