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It’s awesome when classic technology jams to classic tunes

How awesome would it be if all that old 1980’s computer equipment started a band?   Thanks to our friends in Canada, now we know:


Orca awesomely takes on a school (herd?) of sharks

Killer whale vs. sharks? I’m pretty sure that was the plot of a SyFy Channel movie. If it wasn’t, it should have been.

Kid is super-positive in a totally awesome way

Have you ever seen a more enthusiastic kid?

Brian Cox and Simon Pegg awesomely explain atoms

Physicist Brian Cox explains atoms and waves with the help of Simon Pegg and some thinly-veiled wanking jokes.  Everything sounds smarter and politer with a British accent.

Deus ex gorilla: more silverback awesomeness

I said it before, but I’ll say it again: gorillas are freaking awesome.

Gorillas. They’re just like people. Only more awesome.

This is a-frigging-mazing. Gorillas are awesome.

A totally awesome “Star Wars”/Ninja homage

These guys are awesomely talented and need a movie deal.

Video games – they’re not just for humans anymore

C’mon, are you really going to tell me this isn’t awesome?

Truck-based death awesomely (barely) avoided

These Russian guys may be the luckiest mofos on Earth. And that truck driver should move to Hollywood and start stunt-driving for Michael Bay.

The US Navy is also awesome

I said earlier that the US Air Force had some awesome hardware. Well, so does the Navy.

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