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No surprise, commercial aircraft are awesomely complex

No wonder it takes so long to take off after boarding an airplane: it takes 20 minutes just to go through the pre-flight checklist.


Yeah, the US military is frigging awesome

I think the US spends too much on defense programs, but you’ve got to admit that stuff like this is freaking awesome.

MIT engineers borrow a good idea from a video game and make it even more awesome

I think the guys at MIT might have borrowed this idea from “Dead Space 2”, only they went and made it cooler.

After 30 years, the Rubik’s Cube is still awesome. Solving it blindfolded? Awesomer.

I’ve owned several Rubik’s Cubes in my life and could’t ever solve it beyond a few twists without disassembling it or removing the stickers. This guy can do it in 28.80 seconds. Blindfolded.

Call us biased, but humanity is pretty awesome

Click on the image below to link to a pretty awesome slideshow that illustrates humanity in its various forms and functions around the world.  For us Westerners, it’s a far cry from what we consider the average human experience.

Okay, *this* is awesome. Really awesome.

Stop whatever else you’re doing now and watch this frigging amazing sci-fi short.  Shot in Chernobyl, it features gross fungus-things, a dystopian voice-over, and a gritty soundtrack.  I’m beginning to think that Russia is the new indie-sci-fi (sic-findie?) capitol.

Pauli Exclusion Principle. Does learning about it make you feel more or less awesome?

Brain Cox, physicist rock star extraordinaire (literally: he was in ’90s Britpop band D:Ream), explains how every electron in the Universe is connected to every other electron. Is anyone else amazed by this shit, or is it just me?

Telescopes + lasers = awesome^geek

Telescopes and lasers. Does it get any geekier? Or awesomer?

I already knew gibbons were cool, but now I know they’re awesome (and sneaky)

When monkeys get a little bit smarter, humanity is totally boned.

Sun tornadoes: sound like bad sci-fi, are actually awesome

It won’t be too long before SyFy is using this footage for the opening scene of another awful destroy-the-Earth movie of the week.

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