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Awesome re-use of beer bottles

Who knew that you could use beer bottles for me than containing beer?   Well, these awesome beer-drinkers-turned-bottle-xylophonists do:


There’s apparently no end to the awesomeness of the watery depths

According to Deep Sea News, this is an awesomely-named deepstaria enigmatic. Whatever it is, it’s frigging weird.

Bears, awesome; bear cubs, awesomer; conga line of bear cubs, awesomest

This video is the awesomest thing you’ll see all day.  It’s so fracking cute that even Stephen Colbert will have to change his mind regarding bears and their status as “godless killing machines”.

Birds of prey are awesome; photographing them is hard

Awesome advice for surviving the robo-pocalypse

Worried about zombies or vampires? You shouldn’t be. What you should be worried about is the inevitable robot uprising. Here’s how to survive it:

Take LEGO, add assault rifles, and you get geeky awesomeness

A 350-page manual instructing you on how to make 1:1 LEGO scale models of various kick-ass military gear.

Awesome elephant wails on mouth organ

Here’s an elephant doing her best Blues Traveler impression. She’s not quite as good as John Popper, but she is a little bit skinner.

Awesome nerd creates awesome automated dorm room

There’s nothing super-high-tech here, but it no doubt took a good bit of effort to set up, and a few hundred dollars. I’m not so sure of the utility of having motorized curtains when they’re only five feet from any other spot in the room, but, still, I’ve got to admit, I kinda wish I’d had a dorm room like this.

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