Monthly Archives: October 2012

Saturns have always sucked; 12-lb cannons, apparently, are still awesome

What happens when you shoot a 1990s-era Saturn with an 1860s-era 12-pound cannon? Whatever, you know it’ll be awesome.


Military Math: [((Nimitz+catapults)*(F-18s))*dramatic soundtrack]=Awesomeosity

What I really want to know is, how do those guys (and gals) manage to walk around on the deck and fit into the cockpits when they have such gigantic balls?

Dogs, awesome; slo-mo, awesome; video combining the two? Yep.

How can you not smile when watching this?

Nature is awesome, brutal; now includes scissor-kick body slams

When it’s leopard vs. impala, you know it can end only one way. What you didn’t know is that it will also involve ninjary.

Octopus definitively awesome: outsmarts scientists, simultaneously kicks shark ass

This octopus thwarts researchers’ best efforts to keep the bait trap from being stolen (it figured out how to undo 3 zipties) while at the same time prevents a small shark from horning in on the action. ┬áBrains, 8 tentacles, camouflage: it knows it’s a bad mo-fo and doesn’t mind showing off.

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