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Dash-mounted cameras make every Russian road trip awesome

Apparently, nearly every car in Russia has a dash-mounted camera. This provides the opportunity to capture all kinds of awesome random happenings. To wit, this crazy-ass plane crash right on the highway.

Also, noteworthy, the guy driving must have nerves of steel and balls of bronze because he doesn’t make a peep as pieces of the plane plow into his car.


Awesome kid can awesomely drum the crap out of anything

This 10-year-old boy is straight ripping it up like Buddy Rich on his Maytag drum kit.

Awesome-looking falcon feeds humble-looking dog

The Cyrillic text says it all: “Falcon feeding dog” [Thanks, Google Translate].  But it looks so much cooler in Russian.

The bird is clearly a pet (note the leash), so I assume these guys are hunting buddies, but it’s still nice of him to think of the dog during feeding time.

210 water bottles give Maymo the awesomest Christmas ever

While it’d be better for the Earth to recycle those bottles, it’s better for the Internets (and for your soul) to give them to a dog.

Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot: Awesomely Humbling

I like the part where he says, “On it, everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you’ve ever heard of, everyone who ever was lived out their lives.”

Yeah, gold is kinda awesome, but even more awesome is this old dude’s hair

And his tie is pretty kick-ass, too.

Also awesome is the fact that, according to the chart that flashes past, the US has 8,133.5 tons of gold in reserve.  At the current price (as of this writing) of $1,709.60 per ounce, that’s almost $478 billion in bling just steady chillin’ in vaults.  Maybe the plot of Die Hard 3 wasn’t so far-fetched after all.

Batman, okay; Bane, better; Bane’s nutrition tips, awesome

Bane spits some def-ass freestyle and doles out helpful healthy eating tips, and Batman drops some phat techno beats in his heli-jet thing.

“Spartan Style”: Awesome only its world-ending awfulness

At some point during production they must have thought, “You know what, dude? This thing totally blows. We should probably quit. And we certainly shouldn’t upload it to the interwebs for the world to see.” But, apparently, no; they thought it was awesome. Not ironically awesome, but actually awesome.

“Spartan High School Style” is so bad that it will, for generations, be the thing against which all other terrible things are measured. Zombie apocalypse? That rates a mere 0.9 Spartans.

And, yes, they even misspelled the abbreviation for “etcetera” in the credits. American education! Huzzah!

Tiny dog thinks baths are awesome (or possibly terrifying); everyone agrees accompanying soundtrack is awful

Does Benny love bath time, or does he think it’s torture straight from the bowels of Hell? There’s no way to know: the vacant eyes won’t give up their secrets.  Also, I’m pretty sure I heard that song in the prom episode of “Saved By the Bell”.

Merry Dubstepmas: Awesome Idaho family syncs 50,000 LEDs to Skrillex joints


This is in Idaho. Fucking Idaho! I bet the neighbors are really, really pissed.

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