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Squirrel busts out totally awesome–almost human–reaction upon seeing leopard

I can totally imagine him saying to himself, “Oh, shit. Fuck me.”


Unbeknownst to us Yanks, TNT Europe makes the most awesome commercials you’ve ever seen

These commercials are for the launches of TNT Belgium last year and TNT Netherlands this year. They may very well be the greatest things to have ever aired on TV (and, yes, that includes the OJ low-speed chase and the last season of Breaking Bad).

Brilliant dolphin asks divers for help; awesome guy obliges

Amazing problem solving skills and interspecies trust from that dolphin. Anyone who claims dolphins aren’t self-aware is now invited to bite my crank.

Video proof! A few people are awesome! (Most are still terrible, though)

There may be a few CGI fakeroos in here, but, over all, this video montage shows how amazing the human body can be. How did some of these people not get seriously effed up?

Side note: I kinda dug the cheesy techno/Europoprock soundtrack.

As if you needed it, proof that LEGO is an awesome company

I’ve always thought LEGO was an awesome toy. Now we can confirm that they’re also an awesome company.

Awesome home-made short shows that even aliens will suffer a robopocalypse

22-year-old Kaleb Lechowski made the 6-minute-long and totally fricking kick-ass R’ha almost entirely by himself.  Let’s hope he can get some major Kickstarter cheddah and turn this into a feature-length film.

1 dolphin is awesome, 1000 dolphins is even better

I’ve never heard of a “dolphin stampede” before, but, apparently, it’s a thing they do from time to time.

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