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Lithuanian mineral water is awesome, makes its drinker awesome as well

You can give a fuck, or you can not give a fuck. Drink this and you’ll be 100% negative-fuck in no time.


Apparently, a guy who can pick a perfect NCAA bracket is way more awesome than any guy actually playing the games

Basketball is dull; math is fascinating: your odds of picking a perfect NCAA bracket are 1-in-9.2-quintillion (9.2*10^18, or 2^63)

Kickstarter Cobra: awesome way to crowdfund megalomaniacal, eponymous island fortress

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Cobra come out on top for once? Please visit Kickstarter and help Cobra raise the $94 billion they need for a new Cobra Island. For a donation of just $200, you get a week of Storm Shadow as your personal lackey. That’s got to be the best deal I’ve ever heard of. Plus, when they’ve finally victorious, you’ll definitely want to be on the Friends of Cobra mailing list.

An awesome bummer: the “facts” you learned in grade school are pretty much all total bullshizzle

Some of these I already knew, some of these I didn’t, some of these I’d never even heard of, and a few of these I was all like, “WTF?!” ¬†Seriously, Dr. Ruth was a sniper?

AMoNH map showing nearest exosolar systems is awesome in its powers of ensmallening

The American Museum of Natural History has produced yet another kick-ass video of space that should make us all feel thoroughly ensmallened.

Lab chimps see outdoors for first time: awesome doesn’t even begin to describe it

Animal testing is so wrong.  Free the chimps! Perform tests on prisoners and human volunteers instead.

LED bulbs are awesome, cool (literally and figuratively)

Yeah, 10 bones is still a lot to drop on a single light bulb, but you’d have the cachet of being the only guy in the ‘hood with LED bulbs in the house.

Click the image below for all the deets.

Cree LED

6-year-old B-Girl is awesome, breakdances all over everyone’s face and/or ass

Holy. Fracking. Crap. Watch, and be amazed, as this 6-year-old girl breakdances the shit out of everyone at a B-Boy competition. I kinda feel sorry for the other kid. He was good and all, but, damn, you just got served, son!

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