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Indie robo-horror-short “ABE” is 8 minutes of awesome

With nods to Silence of the Lambs or maybe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, ABE explores what happens when you program a robot to love and then piss him off.  Spoiler alert: It ends badly for us.


Awesome son pretty much ruins the act of giving a gift to mom for everyone else

This Ethiopian-Canadian man saved and scrimped for years so that he could give a gift to his mom on his birthday.

It was a sweet gesture, but he’s really hosed the rest of us once this thing goes viral.

Armed robbery goes awesomely wrong as intended victim goes awesomely Norris

This unassuming New Orleans guy probably watched too many Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal movies as a kid, but no matter: he pulled off the shotgun swipe like a pro and showed that punk what’s up (and probably doomed him to endless razzing by his hoodlum buddies).

Meet the awesome water bear: so ugly it’s cute; oh, by the way, it’s also, without question, the toughest animal on the planet

The tardigrade (aka, the water bear; named for the adorable way it walks) is just a millimeter long, but is quite probably the most bad-ass animal on Earth.  It can handle temperatures as low as -300F or has high as 300F; it can go for 100+ years without food or water; it can survive the vacuum of space; it can withstand radiation doses of over 500,000 Roentgens (1,000 times the lethal does for a human).

I’m telling ya, nature never ceases to amaze.  If we could tap into a fraction of the water bear’s powers, we could truly become the superheroes that most adult men already think they are.

Elephants make awesome friends

Tara the elephant and Bella the mutt were best friends.  One day, Bella was attacked and killed by coyotes.  What Tara did next is both amazing and touching.

Christian the Lion’s story is so awesome, you’ll cry like a total puss

This is an oldie, but a goodie.  As a Gen-Xer raised on video games, ’80s action movies and snarky ’90s sitcoms, I’m pretty much dead inside, but this shit makes me tear up a bit.

Christian the Lion was purchased as a cub by a pair of Australian men at Harrod’s (which, in itself, is an insane frigging fact).  They raised him in London until he got too big to care for, then they reintroduced him to his native Africa.

A year later, they heard from gamekeepers that Christian was doing fantastically well in his new home.  They went to visit him, but were warned that he was totally wild now and probably wouldn’t remember them.

That’s not quite what happened…

Holy fricking crap, there is no end to the Universe’s awesomness

To celebrate its 23rd anniversary, the Hubble Space Telescope turned its recently-installed Wide Field Camera 3 to the oft-photographed Horsehead Nebula and took a fricking kick-ass picture.  This is what it saw.  Sit back and gape at the awesome beauty of nature, mortals!

Horsehead Nebula - HST 2013

Genetic mutations really do make you special, and also awesome

Your parents were right when they told you that you were special.  That is, as long as you have blue eyes, webbed feet, detached earlobes, or a few other physical traits.

As if you weren’t aware, the Sun is awesome

The Sun is a fairly typical G2V star. It’s big (~1.4 million kilometers in diameter). It’s hot (5778 Kelvin on the surface; ~16 million Kelvin in the core). It keeps us alive (with its 384 yottawatts of light). It’s also very explosiony and pretty nifty to observe as it does its thang.

Postion Based Fluid Dynamics simulates water in real-time perfectly, awesomely

PhysX has developed a new way to model water in video games: Position Based Fluid Dynamics.  They throw around a lot of fancy-schmancy terms like “vorticity confinment” and “deformables simulation”, but it all adds up to uber-real looking water for the next generation of video games.  The simulation below is running on a single GTX 580.  That’s got to be good news for future consoles and current gaming rig builders.

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