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PowerPoint is awesome again: from the Big Bang to today in 18 minutes

Now this is how you make a kick-ass PowerPoint (or maybe Keynote; he is, after all, British) presentation, complete with slick stagecraft.

Plus, it’s an excellent overview of the story of the Universe from the Big Bang to today.  It gets a bit preachy in the last two minutes, but until that point it’s pretty enthralling.


Neill Blomkamp demos just how awesome his version of a “Halo” movie would be

South African director (of 2009’s District 9 and the upcoming Elysium) Neill Blomkamp made this short live action film ostensibly for the Halo 3 release, but really he made it to show off how great a job he’d do with a full-length film.  It’s been killed and revived several times over the years and is currently in some form of development hell.  Let’s hope one day he gets $200 million to bring this bad mofo to life.

Cancer sucks, but the Brazilian superhero formula for kids is awesome

Brazil, apparently, makes something other than Victoria’s Secret models: clever doctors.  Oncologists there have come up with a novel approach to chemotherapy for kids.  They package the medicine as “superhero formula” and accompany it with custom-made comic books showing the heroes going through the same thing and ending up stronger because of it.  It’s a simple, yet brilliant, idea.

Do you know how awesomely, mind-blowingly big things in space can get?

VY Canis Majoris, a red hypergiant star, is 2.8 billion (yes, billion) kilometers in diameter.  That’s on the order of 1,800 times the size of our Sun, and is so big that it would take 1,100 years to circle it once in a commercial jet.  That’s big.

Mind = blown.

Hipster dad plays respectable Beatles cover; his son is awesome and totally steals the show

I don’t have kids, and am on the fence about ever having them, but if my kid were even half as adorably badass as 1-year-and-11-months-old Diogo Mello I’d be pretty stoked.

Kid’s cymbal breaks during national anthem, but that doesn’t stop him from being awesome

Oh, that poor kid!  He had one simple job to do during what I assume is some sort of high school assembly, and Murphy’s Law rises up and kicks him in the nads.  Did he let that keep him down?  Nope.  He played it off gangsta style and schooled everyone on how to handle bad luck gracefully.

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