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Leave it to Japan to make awesome robotics

Robotics are awesome, but when Japan does robotics, they’re not just awesome — they’re elegantly awesome. This would never be implemented in the U.S. — we prefer our robotics to be militarized, and our bikes to be stolen.


Veritable ninja makes shawarma awesome, listens to awesome tunes

That’s not Arabic script on the sign in the background, so I’m guessing this is in Greece.  No matter: this guy is a wizard with his huge-ass knife (something akin to an Uruk-Hai blade, one may even call it a “machete” or “scimitar”). You pop in for some lamb-filled fast food and get treated to a Benihana show.  What could be better?  And kudos to his choice of musical accompaniment.  You can’t go wrong with the Mortal Kombat theme.

Also, what’s up with the 11-foot-tall kid?

The world is awesome; facts about the world are also awesome

I knew a lot of these already, but still I learned a few things.  Watch this and enjoy 7 minutes of world awesomeness.  You will not be disappointed.

Awesome mama bear proves she’s smarter than the average one

It’s been a slow summer for awesome things, but this totally kick-ass, brilliant mama bear makes up for it.  Okay, I’m just assuming she’s a mother, but why else would she schlep that Dumpster across the yard, if not to feed her cubs?

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