Monthly Archives: December 2013

Awesome history lesson: a trillion years in 7 minutes

This video is far more interesting than high school history ever was.  With a chipper British accent, this 7-minute video will briefly explain all the important things that have happened in the last 13 billion years, and why those event matter to humans.  It will then proceed to totally bum you out for about 1 minute when it delves into what will happen to the Universe in trillions of years (spoiler alert: heat death).


Wichita anchor pulls an awesome real-life Ron Burgundy

I get it: it’s Saturday night, you’re tired, you just want to go home.  But, isn’t the first rule of television broadcasting “always assume the mic is hot”?

Benedict Cumberbatch certifies his awesomeness with dramatic reading of R. Kelly lyrics

When he promises to “hit that thing again,” I thought to myself, “Yeah, that sounds like a good deal.”

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