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Felix Baumgartner is effing crazy, also effing awesome

Five frigging awesome–and somewhat terrifying–minutes of POV shots of the Austrian madman plummeting to Earth at Mach 1.  My question is: how did the chute manage to not collapse under the weight of his gigantic balls?


The Oscars always suck, but at least their visual effects winners are always awesome

A mad genius on the Interwebs took the time to compile clips of every visual effects Oscar winner since they started giving out the award in 1977.  It’s interesting how bad some of the effects look today and also how good some of the effects still are (I’m looking at you, Jurassic Park).  Mad props to James Cameron and Peter Jackson for each claiming four awards.

Okay, yeah, we’re convinced: drifting is freaking awesome

I used to think drifting was kind of lame–a neat party trick, at best, performed by thuggy kids in sideways ballcaps–but now I think it’s pretty damn awesome.  At least it is when madman Ken Block does it.  To shoot this, he used numerous GoPro HD Hero3+ cameras (I’m guessing the actual number was something close to a million) jammed in every corner of the Gymkhana (yep, that’s really what he calls it) obstacle course.  The result is some impressive driving shot from impossible angles.

Hollywood VFX are both awesome and depressing; nothing is real anymore

These types of visual effects reels never cease to amaze me and simultaneously bum me out.  You’d think that at least the hills, trees, and helicopters would be real, with some CG missiles and explosions thrown in.  But, nope, it’s all CG anymore, and my stupid brain doesn’t even know the difference.

Humble beaded chain awesomely “defies gravity” (not really)

It took physicists six of months of heavy-duty brain busting to explain this seemingly magical phenomenon.  The explanation is somewhat prosaic, but that doesn’t make the video any less awesome to watch.

Video proof: dogs, awesome; cats, kinda dicks

The mama dog is patient and loving when teaching her children; the mama cat, not so much.

(dubstep + violin) * hot chick = awesome jam

Lindsey Stirling can play the violin and dance like a mutha fucka, and she’s also easy on the eyes.  Throw in some backing tracks by a quasi-Skrillex, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a dope jam.

No question about it: this dog is the awesomest dog ever

Lucy, who must be the Isaac Frigging Newton of dogs, has figured out how to retrieve chicken nuggets from the toaster oven all by herself.  It’s so cute and clever that upon witnessing the video, the owners had to have pulled a Ron Burgundy and said, “That’s–actually, I’m not even mad.  That’s amazing.

Awesome Alien PSA: “Avoid Earth. It sucks. Hard.”

Just imagine if, instead of Earth being a small, weak, backwater that every alien species is champing at the bit to invade, it is viewed as a terrible, scary place full of violent sociopaths that every other sapient species knows to avoid like the space plague.  How would they get that message across?  Probably with something like this kick-ass PSA.

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