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OK, now THIS is awesome: Brian Williams doing “Rapper’s Delight”

It needs no further introduction: just watch this video and be amazed, amused, and awed.


It’s an indisputable fact: guns look even more awesome in slo-mo

Take a standard-issue M4 assault rifle, bust off 30 rounds of 5.56x45mm ammo in 2 seconds, film that shit at 18,000 frames per second, and you end up with nearly 5 minutes of chubby-inducing video detailing the workings of tool designed for one purpose: shredding Commies.  U-S-A!  U-S-A!

Awesome Russkies Climb World’s Second-Tallest Building Barehanded

While they may not have mastered the art of building a fully-functional Olympic Village, Russians are very clearly awesome at climbing tall things other people have built.  Watching these two awesomely-insane Russian daredevils climb the 650-meter (2130 feet) Shanghai Tower makes my toes curl and say to myself, “Nope.”

Baby watches “Man of Steel” for the first time, concludes that it’s totally awesome

An inarguably-badass dad decided to show his 16-month-old son the first-flight scene from Man of Steel.  We know that people’s opinions vary widely on that film, but I think everyone can agree that this kid thinks it’s the greatest thing he’s ever seen.  When he thrusts his tiny arms up into the air, it would have to make even a Phantom Zone-bound General Zod smile.

Even though “The Transformers” was pretty bad, the transform*ing* was pretty awesome

When I first saw the trailer for The Transformers, I was hella excited.  Then I saw the movie and was, well, mad-krazy disappointed.  And 2 and 3 only went downhill from there.  Still, I have to admit that the actual transforming was pretty damn sweet.  Here’s a 10-minute mashup of every transformation from every movie.

Georgia Ambulance Chaser’s 2-Minute Super Bowl Ad is Awesomely Batshit

Apparently, a Georgia personal injury lawyer bought the entire first two-minute block of local commercial airtime during last night’s Super Bowl so that he could hawk his fear-mongering wares.  I can just picture him sitting in his kitchy office, cranking up his Avid and going abso-fucking-lutely nuts with it before he proudly marches the reel down to the local Fox affiliate and sneers to the production assistant who greets him at the door, “Play this shit.  It’ll blow your god damn socks off.”

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