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Russians: Totally Awesome or Totally Nuts?

Sweet, merciful Moses!  OMFG!  Jesus H. Kee-rist!  Watching this video made my feet tingle.


Nature is awesome, kinda gross

Watching this tarantula molt is fascinating and a little disturbing, as it looks painful (though I’m sure it’s not).

Further evidence–in the form of a dancing supercut–of Christopher Walken’s awesomeness

Christopher Walken is an undeniable American treasure, an acting icon known around the world for his, shall we say…unusual, dialog delivery technique.  But did you know that he can also dance his ass off?

“The Prototype” looks awesome

Is there a word that means “better than awesome”?  If so, we need to apply it to The Prototype.  If not, we need to invent one: I humbly submit “booyahsome” as a candidate word.  How is it that I’m just hearing about this movie now?  IMDb says it’s scheduled for a May 2014 release, but has sparse details otherwise.  Usually, these things are spoilered and trailered years before they come out in theaters, but this bad boy really snuck up on us.

Time is awesome, but where does it come from?

Have you ever wondered where time comes from?  Is it a fundamental feature of the Universe or is it a human construct?  And, exactly what time is it right now, and why do we need to know so badly?  This video answers those questions in an awesomely nerdy way and with a host who pretty much looks exactly like you’d think the guy who controls time would look.  You should watch this.  Assuming, of course, that you have the…time (apologies to Dr. Evil).

Awesome sci-fi short needs to be made into an entire summer blockbuster

Dear Hollywood,

Please give Texas-based indie film guy Marko Slavnic $200 million to make his 8-minute Project Skyborn into a full-length summer blockbuster.  I really want to find out what’s going on with this Hunger Games-cum-Oblivion world.  Plus, futuristic guns…

Awesome Russian toddler awesomely conducts a symphony for herself

This adorable (or, as the kids say these days, “totes adores”) Russian girl does Putin proud, amusing herself on a presumably-dull Sunday morning by conducting a church choir as if she’s Konstantin Krimets (yes, I had to look that up), complete with face pulls and gesticulations.  Cuteness, apparently, doesn’t recognize international borders.

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