Monthly Archives: May 2014

High School Kid Awesomely Rips It Up With His Spot-On “Billie Jean” Number

It seems like this time of year is always slow when it comes to awesome things, but this kid from a small-town high school more than makes up for the dearth of awesomeosity with his nearly flawless rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” dance routine, performed at his school’s talent show.  Be sure to fast-forward to 1:11 in the video, because many of the earlier performances take a very liberal interpretation of the word “talent”.

And, by the way, he won.


This 7-year-old is beyond awesome: drums like a god, totally pwns “Tom Sawyer”

I wish there were a word that indicated when something was more than merely “awesome”.  Perhaps uberawesome or hyperawesome?  Whatever word you choose, it still doesn’t accurately capture the god-like prowess that 7-year-old Avery Molek (a perfect rock star name, by the way) displays when working the skins on his kit.

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