The economy sucks.  There’s massive unemployment everywhere.  America and the West are on the decline on many fronts.  And people just don’t know who to trust, and who to blame.

Yet, there’s still a lot of awesomeness out there.

OK, This Is Awesome is a site dedicated bringing you the most awesome stuff we come across.   Our job is to mine the mountains of the mundane, sift out the slivers of awesome, and share them with you.  Awesome stuff can be in many forms, but the unifying factor on this site will be things that fit the modern description of awesome:


An awesome something or someone is amazing, breathtaking, or overwhelming. Like traveling the globe in a hot air balloon or visiting the Taj Mahal. Or, if you’re 7, hearing someone burp the alphabet.

Awesome popped on the scene around 1600, probably in a church. It first meant “profoundly reverential,” but morphed later into an adjective meaning “inspiring awe.” Flash forward to the 20th century, when awesome transformed once again — this time into an everyday word for “impressive.” These days it’s synonymous with “outstanding” and “totally cool.”

Source: Vocabulary.com

In a time when we need more awesomeness and less crappiness in our lives, we feel privileged to bring the awesome to you.   We think this will make you a happier, more well-rounded and, frankly, a more attractive person as a result.

Enjoy the awesome.

Jon, Darren and Jason – Your Arbiters of Awesome


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