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Carl Sagan will never *not* be awesome

He’s been dead nearly twenty years, but Carl Sagan is still the most awesomest guy around.


You’ve probably never heard of cymatics before, and that should make you sad: it’s frigging awesome

Truthfully, I’d never heard of cymatics before today (big up to Awesome Sauce for the 411), either, and now I’m all bummed at the thought of all the time I wasted over the years not watching these supa-dope videos.

Weird-Ass Painting Is Awesome, Totally Frags With Your Mind

I swear this is really a 2D painting and not an HDTV using some kind of eyeball-tracking lasers.  I can’t, however, swear that the painting isn’t possessed by demons.

“Dead Island 2” trailer is more awesome than the actual game could ever be

The trailer for game publisher Deep Silver’s latest zombie-survival-melee-shooter Dead Island 2 was just released, and it’s goddamn brilliant.  I think it’s even better than the trailer for the original.  Let’s just hope that the game itself is waayy better than the original.  If not, perhaps Deep Silver should just become a dedicated game trailer maker.

High School Kid Awesomely Rips It Up With His Spot-On “Billie Jean” Number

It seems like this time of year is always slow when it comes to awesome things, but this kid from a small-town high school more than makes up for the dearth of awesomeosity with his nearly flawless rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” dance routine, performed at his school’s talent show.  Be sure to fast-forward to 1:11 in the video, because many of the earlier performances take a very liberal interpretation of the word “talent”.

And, by the way, he won.

“The Prototype” looks awesome

Is there a word that means “better than awesome”?  If so, we need to apply it to The Prototype.  If not, we need to invent one: I humbly submit “booyahsome” as a candidate word.  How is it that I’m just hearing about this movie now?  IMDb says it’s scheduled for a May 2014 release, but has sparse details otherwise.  Usually, these things are spoilered and trailered years before they come out in theaters, but this bad boy really snuck up on us.

Awesome sci-fi short needs to be made into an entire summer blockbuster

Dear Hollywood,

Please give Texas-based indie film guy Marko Slavnic $200 million to make his 8-minute Project Skyborn into a full-length summer blockbuster.  I really want to find out what’s going on with this Hunger Games-cum-Oblivion world.  Plus, futuristic guns…

The Oscars always suck, but at least their visual effects winners are always awesome

A mad genius on the Interwebs took the time to compile clips of every visual effects Oscar winner since they started giving out the award in 1977.  It’s interesting how bad some of the effects look today and also how good some of the effects still are (I’m looking at you, Jurassic Park).  Mad props to James Cameron and Peter Jackson for each claiming four awards.

Okay, yeah, we’re convinced: drifting is freaking awesome

I used to think drifting was kind of lame–a neat party trick, at best, performed by thuggy kids in sideways ballcaps–but now I think it’s pretty damn awesome.  At least it is when madman Ken Block does it.  To shoot this, he used numerous GoPro HD Hero3+ cameras (I’m guessing the actual number was something close to a million) jammed in every corner of the Gymkhana (yep, that’s really what he calls it) obstacle course.  The result is some impressive driving shot from impossible angles.

Hollywood VFX are both awesome and depressing; nothing is real anymore

These types of visual effects reels never cease to amaze me and simultaneously bum me out.  You’d think that at least the hills, trees, and helicopters would be real, with some CG missiles and explosions thrown in.  But, nope, it’s all CG anymore, and my stupid brain doesn’t even know the difference.

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