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Dover 5.0some: Local Po-Po Gets Busted Lip-Synching To “Shake It Off”

A Dover, Delaware police office is caught by his dashboard camera lip-syncing to Taylor Swift’s undeniably catchy-as-hell Shake It Off and that shit goes viral. He knows all the words and even has the moves down, but should he be listening to music that loudly in his car?


You’ve probably never heard of cymatics before, and that should make you sad: it’s frigging awesome

Truthfully, I’d never heard of cymatics before today (big up to Awesome Sauce for the 411), either, and now I’m all bummed at the thought of all the time I wasted over the years not watching these supa-dope videos.

This 7-year-old is beyond awesome: drums like a god, totally pwns “Tom Sawyer”

I wish there were a word that indicated when something was more than merely “awesome”.  Perhaps uberawesome or hyperawesome?  Whatever word you choose, it still doesn’t accurately capture the god-like prowess that 7-year-old Avery Molek (a perfect rock star name, by the way) displays when working the skins on his kit.

Awesome Russian toddler awesomely conducts a symphony for herself

This adorable (or, as the kids say these days, “totes adores”) Russian girl does Putin proud, amusing herself on a presumably-dull Sunday morning by conducting a church choir as if she’s Konstantin Krimets (yes, I had to look that up), complete with face pulls and gesticulations.  Cuteness, apparently, doesn’t recognize international borders.

(dubstep + violin) * hot chick = awesome jam

Lindsey Stirling can play the violin and dance like a mutha fucka, and she’s also easy on the eyes.  Throw in some backing tracks by a quasi-Skrillex, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a dope jam.

Hipster dad plays respectable Beatles cover; his son is awesome and totally steals the show

I don’t have kids, and am on the fence about ever having them, but if my kid were even half as adorably badass as 1-year-and-11-months-old Diogo Mello I’d be pretty stoked.

14-year-old prodigy awesomely shreds on guitar while looking awesomely bored and miserable

Sure, this girl can rip it up on her rendition of Van Halen’s “Eruption” guitar solo, but her true skill is to maintain her facade of teenage boredom while doing it.

Dad sit-dances awesomely, son sit-ignores him (awesomely)

Damn, that dad sure is trying very hard to be cool. And the kid is trying very hard to pretend he doesn’t know him.

Off-key, a cappella, Adele, Higgs: An awesome joint for science nerds and music nerds

Imagine Adele Adkins and Werner Heisenberg boning nice and slow. Got a mental image? Does it look anything like this?

Awesome re-use of beer bottles

Who knew that you could use beer bottles for me than containing beer?   Well, these awesome beer-drinkers-turned-bottle-xylophonists do:

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