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Tortoise awesomely (and surprisingly quickly) rescues his toes-up friend

A visitor to the Taipei Zoo recorded this amazing scene: one tortoise helping another to get back on his (or her; who the eff can tell) feet.  Some Scroogian reptile experts say that the ostensible hero was really attacking the other one and that the flip was merely serendipitous.  I choose to believe that the help was intentional.


Mother Nature puts on some awesome displays of her power

The Earth is awesome, and it does totally awesome stuff every day that we hardly even notice.  I suggest that you remove your socks before watching this 7-minute time lapse video of Mother Nature doin’ her thang; if you don’t, all this bad-ass storm footage will surely knock them clean off.

“Planet of the Apes” awesomely real, humans screwed

Watch, puny humans, and gape in awe as Kanzi the bonobo builds himself a fricking fire and fricking roasts fricking marshmallows.  Ho.  Ly.  Fricking.  Crap.  Oh, yeah, he also talks, by the way.  Once he figures out how to use a gun, that’ll be the end of humanity.  Oh, well; we had a pretty good run.

Nature is awesome, kinda gross

Watching this tarantula molt is fascinating and a little disturbing, as it looks painful (though I’m sure it’s not).

Breaking news! Gorillas have good memories and are also awesome!

Even the most jaded Internet surfer will need a tissue or two for this video.  Not to get all soapboxy, but gorillas (or any animals, really) don’t belong in zoos.  Set them free!

Awesome mama bear proves she’s smarter than the average one

It’s been a slow summer for awesome things, but this totally kick-ass, brilliant mama bear makes up for it.  Okay, I’m just assuming she’s a mother, but why else would she schlep that Dumpster across the yard, if not to feed her cubs?

For this sickly lion, his dachshund friend makes an awesome dental hygenist

Bonedigger and Milo have been best friends ever since Bonedigger was born at the GW Zoo five years ago.  Poor Bonedigger has a metabolic bone disease that’s left him crippled, and brave Milo has taken up the mantle of protecting and caring for him.  Aren’t animals the awesomest?

Meet the awesome water bear: so ugly it’s cute; oh, by the way, it’s also, without question, the toughest animal on the planet

The tardigrade (aka, the water bear; named for the adorable way it walks) is just a millimeter long, but is quite probably the most bad-ass animal on Earth.  It can handle temperatures as low as -300F or has high as 300F; it can go for 100+ years without food or water; it can survive the vacuum of space; it can withstand radiation doses of over 500,000 Roentgens (1,000 times the lethal does for a human).

I’m telling ya, nature never ceases to amaze.  If we could tap into a fraction of the water bear’s powers, we could truly become the superheroes that most adult men already think they are.

Elephants make awesome friends

Tara the elephant and Bella the mutt were best friends.  One day, Bella was attacked and killed by coyotes.  What Tara did next is both amazing and touching.

Christian the Lion’s story is so awesome, you’ll cry like a total puss

This is an oldie, but a goodie.  As a Gen-Xer raised on video games, ’80s action movies and snarky ’90s sitcoms, I’m pretty much dead inside, but this shit makes me tear up a bit.

Christian the Lion was purchased as a cub by a pair of Australian men at Harrod’s (which, in itself, is an insane frigging fact).  They raised him in London until he got too big to care for, then they reintroduced him to his native Africa.

A year later, they heard from gamekeepers that Christian was doing fantastically well in his new home.  They went to visit him, but were warned that he was totally wild now and probably wouldn’t remember them.

That’s not quite what happened…

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