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Kid’s cymbal breaks during national anthem, but that doesn’t stop him from being awesome

Oh, that poor kid!  He had one simple job to do during what I assume is some sort of high school assembly, and Murphy’s Law rises up and kicks him in the nads.  Did he let that keep him down?  Nope.  He played it off gangsta style and schooled everyone on how to handle bad luck gracefully.


Awesome little kid has epiphany, becomes vegetarian, may have converted his mom, too

Little Luiz Antonio doesn’t want to eat his octopus and begins questioning his mom as to its origin.  In the space of a few minutes, he has an epiphany and converts to vegetarianism.  The kid’s logic is unassailable: when we eat animals, they die.  And he doesn’t like that; he prefers that they “stay standing up”.  Morally, I agree with him.  It’s just too bad for cows and chickens that they’re so damn tasty.

Anyway, kudos to the tyke for standing up for what he believes in!

The popping/locking/robot/glitching/animation Roomba guy is totally awesome

This is Marquese Scott, the guy from the Roomba commercials.  He’s goddam amazing.  I really dig the glitching/animation style of dancing.  I tried some of those moves in my living room and didn’t look 1% as cool.  How’s he do it, and, more importantly, why isn’t he more famous?

14-year-old prodigy awesomely shreds on guitar while looking awesomely bored and miserable

Sure, this girl can rip it up on her rendition of Van Halen’s “Eruption” guitar solo, but her true skill is to maintain her facade of teenage boredom while doing it.

Semi-famous author drops bomb of awesome on know-it-all college kids

I think we can all agree that school pretty much sucks, but that thinking for yourself totally kicks ass.  Author and all-around good guy, David Foster Wallace encourages us to do exactly that in his commencement address to the Class of 2005 at Kenyon College (yeah, I’d never heard of it, either).  The text of the speech has been floating around the interwebs for a while, but it was just turned into an amazing little short film by

Watch it, and maybe change the way you think about the world.

EDIT: Aw, snap!  It seems Vimeo has removed the video (why?).  It’s not nearly as good, but here’s the audio of the full speech.

Awesome cop loses small-time perp, gains big-time karma

A Portland, Oregon cop was in hot pursuit of a criminal (a speeder doing 52mph in a 35mph zone, which, yeah, is technically a crime) when he stopped to escort a family of ducks out of the road.  I hope his CO is understanding when he comes up one ticket short of his quota this month.

Cleveland man rescues three kidnapped girls while being both hilarious and awesome

Charles Ramsey, the man who rescued the three kidnapped girls in Cleveland, represented for the O-to-tha-H and did it with major style and swag in his 911 call.  Then he proceeded to give what may be the greatest interview of all time.

Shaolin warriors are total badasses, and look even more awesome in slow motion

So, until I saw this video, I didn’t know much about Shaolin warriors, but now I’m in awe.  I didn’t know humans could do shit like this.  If it weren’t for all the dedication and years of practice required, I’d totally want to be a Shaolin warrior: the people who cut in front of me at Starbucks would rue the day…

Starting at around 5:00, how the frack does that guy break a steel (I’m guessing) bar over his head?

Awesome son pretty much ruins the act of giving a gift to mom for everyone else

This Ethiopian-Canadian man saved and scrimped for years so that he could give a gift to his mom on his birthday.

It was a sweet gesture, but he’s really hosed the rest of us once this thing goes viral.

Awesome re-use of beer bottles

Who knew that you could use beer bottles for me than containing beer?   Well, these awesome beer-drinkers-turned-bottle-xylophonists do:

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