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Video proof! A few people are awesome! (Most are still terrible, though)

There may be a few CGI fakeroos in here, but, over all, this video montage shows how amazing the human body can be. How did some of these people not get seriously effed up?

Side note: I kinda dug the cheesy techno/Europoprock soundtrack.


Dash-mounted cameras make every Russian road trip awesome

Apparently, nearly every car in Russia has a dash-mounted camera. This provides the opportunity to capture all kinds of awesome random happenings. To wit, this crazy-ass plane crash right on the highway.

Also, noteworthy, the guy driving must have nerves of steel and balls of bronze because he doesn’t make a peep as pieces of the plane plow into his car.

Awesome re-use of beer bottles

Who knew that you could use beer bottles for me than containing beer?   Well, these awesome beer-drinkers-turned-bottle-xylophonists do:

After 30 years, the Rubik’s Cube is still awesome. Solving it blindfolded? Awesomer.

I’ve owned several Rubik’s Cubes in my life and could’t ever solve it beyond a few twists without disassembling it or removing the stickers. This guy can do it in 28.80 seconds. Blindfolded.

Circus stunt goes awesomely wrong

This guy totally gets clotheslined 25 feet in the air. It’s an awesome-looking accident. Even awesomer: he lived to tell the tale.

Billiard awesomeness

While it might be hard to believe, this is not CGI.  This guy is the real deal.  Nobody puts english on the ball like this guy.

Baily beagle play dead awesomeness

I don’t know why, but this is really funny.  This beagle plays the best dead ever.  It’s so funny.

Sports store advertising awesomeness

Clever advertising from Bear Mountain Sports.  Why am I not surprised that this store is located in Arizona?  This commercial is awesome.  I am a little surprised that this store is in California with this type of commercial.  You’ll understand when you watch it.

Hand pulled noodle awesomeness

This looks like it’s really hard to learn, but it’s awesome regardless.  I would imagine that success has a lot to do with the dough and practice.  Check out this awesome hand pulled noodle technique.

Laser Harp awesomeness

OK, this isn’t just awesome, it’s bad ass.  Check out this Laser Harp!

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