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Carl Sagan will never *not* be awesome

He’s been dead nearly twenty years, but Carl Sagan is still the most awesomest guy around.


You’ve probably never heard of cymatics before, and that should make you sad: it’s frigging awesome

Truthfully, I’d never heard of cymatics before today (big up to Awesome Sauce for the 411), either, and now I’m all bummed at the thought of all the time I wasted over the years not watching these supa-dope videos.

“Planet of the Apes” awesomely real, humans screwed

Watch, puny humans, and gape in awe as Kanzi the bonobo builds himself a fricking fire and fricking roasts fricking marshmallows.  Ho.  Ly.  Fricking.  Crap.  Oh, yeah, he also talks, by the way.  Once he figures out how to use a gun, that’ll be the end of humanity.  Oh, well; we had a pretty good run.

Time is awesome, but where does it come from?

Have you ever wondered where time comes from?  Is it a fundamental feature of the Universe or is it a human construct?  And, exactly what time is it right now, and why do we need to know so badly?  This video answers those questions in an awesomely nerdy way and with a host who pretty much looks exactly like you’d think the guy who controls time would look.  You should watch this.  Assuming, of course, that you have the…time (apologies to Dr. Evil).

Humble beaded chain awesomely “defies gravity” (not really)

It took physicists six of months of heavy-duty brain busting to explain this seemingly magical phenomenon.  The explanation is somewhat prosaic, but that doesn’t make the video any less awesome to watch.

Awesome history lesson: a trillion years in 7 minutes

This video is far more interesting than high school history ever was.  With a chipper British accent, this 7-minute video will briefly explain all the important things that have happened in the last 13 billion years, and why those event matter to humans.  It will then proceed to totally bum you out for about 1 minute when it delves into what will happen to the Universe in trillions of years (spoiler alert: heat death).

The world is awesome; facts about the world are also awesome

I knew a lot of these already, but still I learned a few things.  Watch this and enjoy 7 minutes of world awesomeness.  You will not be disappointed.

PowerPoint is awesome again: from the Big Bang to today in 18 minutes

Now this is how you make a kick-ass PowerPoint (or maybe Keynote; he is, after all, British) presentation, complete with slick stagecraft.

Plus, it’s an excellent overview of the story of the Universe from the Big Bang to today.  It gets a bit preachy in the last two minutes, but until that point it’s pretty enthralling.

Do you know how awesomely, mind-blowingly big things in space can get?

VY Canis Majoris, a red hypergiant star, is 2.8 billion (yes, billion) kilometers in diameter.  That’s on the order of 1,800 times the size of our Sun, and is so big that it would take 1,100 years to circle it once in a commercial jet.  That’s big.

Mind = blown.

How big is a googolplex? Awesomely big.

A googol is a 1 followed by 100 zeros.  That’s a fricking big number.  A googolplex is a 1 followed by a googol of zeros.  Obviously, much bigger.  But, how big is it?  It’s easy to say, but hard (impossible?) to comprehend.  This video may help.  Though, truth be told, even with the cute accents and visual aids, my head still hurts.

But a googleplex is still nowhere near the biggest number.  There’s Graham’s Number, which makes a googolplex look like 1.  And, of course, there’s infinity.

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