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Russians: Totally Awesome or Totally Nuts?

Sweet, merciful Moses!  OMFG!  Jesus H. Kee-rist!  Watching this video made my feet tingle.


Awesome Russkies Climb World’s Second-Tallest Building Barehanded

While they may not have mastered the art of building a fully-functional Olympic Village, Russians are very clearly awesome at climbing tall things other people have built.  Watching these two awesomely-insane Russian daredevils climb the 650-meter (2130 feet) Shanghai Tower makes my toes curl and say to myself, “Nope.”

Felix Baumgartner is effing crazy, also effing awesome

Five frigging awesome–and somewhat terrifying–minutes of POV shots of the Austrian madman plummeting to Earth at Mach 1.  My question is: how did the chute manage to not collapse under the weight of his gigantic balls?

Apparently, a guy who can pick a perfect NCAA bracket is way more awesome than any guy actually playing the games

Basketball is dull; math is fascinating: your odds of picking a perfect NCAA bracket are 1-in-9.2-quintillion (9.2*10^18, or 2^63)

Video proof! A few people are awesome! (Most are still terrible, though)

There may be a few CGI fakeroos in here, but, over all, this video montage shows how amazing the human body can be. How did some of these people not get seriously effed up?

Side note: I kinda dug the cheesy techno/Europoprock soundtrack.

Billiard awesomeness

While it might be hard to believe, this is not CGI.  This guy is the real deal.  Nobody puts english on the ball like this guy.

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