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Take LEGO, add assault rifles, and you get geeky awesomeness

A 350-page manual instructing you on how to make 1:1 LEGO scale models of various kick-ass military gear.


Circus stunt goes awesomely wrong

This guy totally gets clotheslined 25 feet in the air. It’s an awesome-looking accident. Even awesomer: he lived to tell the tale.

Truck-based death awesomely (barely) avoided

These Russian guys may be the luckiest mofos on Earth. And that truck driver should move to Hollywood and start stunt-driving for Michael Bay.

.700 super-rifle: you’d have to be awesome (or insane) to fire it

Rednecks. Gotta love ’em. Give ’em a few hours, a few dollars, and a few beers, and they’ll hand-craft a mutha effing hand cannon.

Prank Awesomeness

I’m not sure why this is awesome, probably because it’s happening to other people.   But it is awesome and you’ll laugh really hard.

Baily beagle play dead awesomeness

I don’t know why, but this is really funny.  This beagle plays the best dead ever.  It’s so funny.

This is totally not-awesome

Apparently, many Android phones are recording every fracking keystroke you make. This video gets really interesting at about the 8:30 mark.

This is not awesome so be careful

For those visitors who are celebrating the American holiday Thanksgiving please be careful when cooking your turkey if you plan on doing a deep fry.  Have a happy thanksgiving and be safe, from the team here at OKTIA.

Car commercial awesomeness

You have to watch this video closely and make sure your sound is on to understand how awesome it is.

Superhero RC plane awesomeness

OK, this is totally awesome.  A remote control airplane that is shaped like a super hero and flys from a vertical starting position.  Plus you can buy plans and build this for yourself for $19.95.  Check out

It’s cool on it’s own, but yeah … the music on this video also helps.

Oh, and if you were wondering, yeah, that’s glowing EL wire on his feet!

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