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There’s no denying it: The Jetman is friggin’ awesome

Yves Rossy is a Swiss inventor and daredevil.  He has designed a personal jet-powered wing that he’s used to fly over the Alps and across the Strait of Gibralter.  He’s fearless and brilliant.  But, what I want to know is: how does he manage to get off the ground with such gargantuan balls?


Even though “The Transformers” was pretty bad, the transform*ing* was pretty awesome

When I first saw the trailer for The Transformers, I was hella excited.  Then I saw the movie and was, well, mad-krazy disappointed.  And 2 and 3 only went downhill from there.  Still, I have to admit that the actual transforming was pretty damn sweet.  Here’s a 10-minute mashup of every transformation from every movie.

Leave it to Japan to make awesome robotics

Robotics are awesome, but when Japan does robotics, they’re not just awesome — they’re elegantly awesome. This would never be implemented in the U.S. — we prefer our robotics to be militarized, and our bikes to be stolen.

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field really helps to put it all in perspective. We are—all of us and everything we’ve ever accomplished—little more than an atom in a mote of dust.

If you like snowboarding and birds…

…you’re going to think this video is totally awesome:

It’s awesome when classic technology jams to classic tunes

How awesome would it be if all that old 1980’s computer equipment started a band?   Thanks to our friends in Canada, now we know:

Color 3D printer awesomeness

ZCorp has developed a 3D printer and … wait for it …. it prints in color!  This is so cool.  The only thing is that I don’t understand how you can get an accurate spec with a hand scanner?  How does the computer know how the wrench works on the inside?  It’ can’t possibly scan the inside where the wrench slides?  It’s still awesome.

Hello, world of awesomeness

The economy sucks.  Massive unemployment everywhere.  America and the West are on the decline.

Yet, there’s a lot of awesomeness out there.

OK, This Is Awesome is a site dedicated to bringing you the most awesome stuff we come across in our travels.  Awesome stuff can be in many forms, but the unifying factor will be something that just knocks our socks off.

In a time when we need more awesomeness and less crappiness, we feel privileged to bring the awesomeness  to you on a regular basis.


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