Awesome Rap Battle: Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye

Weird Al is back and straight wrecking shop like a boss in his latest video.  It’s funny as well as scientifically and historically accurate.


“Dead Island 2” trailer is more awesome than the actual game could ever be

The trailer for game publisher Deep Silver’s latest zombie-survival-melee-shooter Dead Island 2 was just released, and it’s goddamn brilliant.  I think it’s even better than the trailer for the original.  Let’s just hope that the game itself is waayy better than the original.  If not, perhaps Deep Silver should just become a dedicated game trailer maker.

High School Kid Awesomely Rips It Up With His Spot-On “Billie Jean” Number

It seems like this time of year is always slow when it comes to awesome things, but this kid from a small-town high school more than makes up for the dearth of awesomeosity with his nearly flawless rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” dance routine, performed at his school’s talent show.  Be sure to fast-forward to 1:11 in the video, because many of the earlier performances take a very liberal interpretation of the word “talent”.

And, by the way, he won.

This 7-year-old is beyond awesome: drums like a god, totally pwns “Tom Sawyer”

I wish there were a word that indicated when something was more than merely “awesome”.  Perhaps uberawesome or hyperawesome?  Whatever word you choose, it still doesn’t accurately capture the god-like prowess that 7-year-old Avery Molek (a perfect rock star name, by the way) displays when working the skins on his kit.

Kids’ awesome reactions to Walkman will make you feel very, very old

Were you born before 2000?  If so, prepare to feel very, very old.  You’ll laugh at these kids’ confused and innocent reactions to what was at one time ballin’-ass technology, but you’ll also die a little bit inside.

Awesomely Egotastic “Save The Date” Invite

This San Francisco couple (both lawyers) left humility in the rear-view a long time ago.  Kudos to the production values, though.

Russians: Totally Awesome or Totally Nuts?

Sweet, merciful Moses!  OMFG!  Jesus H. Kee-rist!  Watching this video made my feet tingle.

Nature is awesome, kinda gross

Watching this tarantula molt is fascinating and a little disturbing, as it looks painful (though I’m sure it’s not).

Further evidence–in the form of a dancing supercut–of Christopher Walken’s awesomeness

Christopher Walken is an undeniable American treasure, an acting icon known around the world for his, shall we say…unusual, dialog delivery technique.  But did you know that he can also dance his ass off?

“The Prototype” looks awesome

Is there a word that means “better than awesome”?  If so, we need to apply it to The Prototype.  If not, we need to invent one: I humbly submit “booyahsome” as a candidate word.  How is it that I’m just hearing about this movie now?  IMDb says it’s scheduled for a May 2014 release, but has sparse details otherwise.  Usually, these things are spoilered and trailered years before they come out in theaters, but this bad boy really snuck up on us.

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